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The initialization screen hangs at about 10%, Tweak-XP suddenly disappears or nothing happens at all


There are a couple of possible reasons for this problem:

  • Please do ensure that there's no other software running in the background when installing Tweak-XP. Close all programs and run the installer from the 'Run' command of your startmenu. Restart your system as soon as the installer has finished.
  • Do install Tweak-XP into a new and empty folder - do not install Tweak-XP into a folder which is not empty. 3rd party .exe files inside the Tweak-XP folder might cause problems when Tweak-XP is executed.
  • Sometimes other software installers do replace systemfiles with older versions - then Tweak-XP cannot be executed properly. Re-install Tweak-XP and the Microsoft VB runtimes to ensure that the most recent systemfiles are installed on your machine.
  • Close ALL other programs running on your machine, including software firewalls, and anti-virus products, in order to find out what other product installed on your machine conflicts with Tweak-XP.
  • If you have WindowBlinds by Stardock installed, please deactivate WindowBlinds before starting Tweak-XP.
  • Ensure that Microsoft Internet Explorer is installed on your system, which is the case on a clean Windows XP installation. Internet Explorer can be re-installed on your system from the 'Software' control panel.
  • If you are usually connected to the internet through LAN, and if that connection is not active when the problem appears, then connect to the internet and try again - this might fix the problem.
  • If nothing of the above does help, your Windows installation is most likely corrupt and / or some systemfiles are outdated, if Tweak-XP was working properly when you had it installed before. Then only re-installing Windows will fix this problem.
  • NEVER try to unlock Tweak-XP with an unauthorized license file / serialnumber as this might cause trouble to the Tweak-XP installation, and will cause Tweak-XP not to execute correctly. In that case we will refuse to offer any support.
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