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Tweak-XP Pro (or Windows) sometimes freezes with Tweak-XP showing a CPU usage of 100%


This problem is either caused by an incompatibility issue with another application running in the background, by a firewall software, which is set not to let Tweak-XP access the internet, or by outdated system files.

If Tweak-XP was running properly before, then the problem is not caused by Tweak-XP, but by one of the issues mentioned above.

  • Please do close all other programs you have currently running to find out which program causes this issue in case it's a software incompatibility.
  • Please set any firewall software you may have installed to allow Tweak-XP accessing the internet, no matter whether you are currently connected or not. Some firewall software do make Tweak-XP freeze and not respond to any user action.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned in this.
  • If none of the above helps, the problem might be caused by an incompatible hardware driver, or by some corrupted or outdated systemfiles - only reinstalling Windows will fix the systemfile problem.
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