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Tweak-XP Pro crashes and shows an error message 'Tweak-XP Pro Main-Executable has encountered a problem and needs to close


There are a couple of possible reasons for this problem, but most likely some of your Windows XP systemfiles are outdated as they might have been replaced with older versions by another software installation. If that is the case, unfortunately there's no easy way to fix the problem, but you might try this:

Solution attempt 1:

  • Please do uninstall Tweak-XP Pro. After uninstallation, please check whether the installation folder still exists on your machine. If that is the case, delete any files left behind in that folder, or delete the whole folder.
  • After that re-install Tweak-XP Pro.

Solution attempt 2:

In case this problem occurs after installing the full version of Tweak-XP Pro 4, do this:

  • Open the Windows Explorer
  • Browse for the Tweak-XP Pro 4 installation folder (this is usually C:\Program Files\Tweak-XP Pro 4)
  • Delete the files Tweak-XP.exe and Tweak-XP4.val
  • Re-install the full version

Solution attempt 3:

If that does not fix your problem, download the Microsoft VB runtime files from the Microsoft Download Center.

  • Do ensure that you have the Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed on your machine.
  • Do ensure that you have all the latest online updates for Windows XP installed on your machine.
  • If all the above does not help, only re-installing Windows XP onto a clean system will help.
  • NEVER try to unlock Tweak-XP with an unauthorized license file / serialnumber as this might cause trouble to your Windows installation, and will cause Tweak-XP not to execute correctly. In that case we will refuse to offer any support.

If none of the above fixes the problem, then one or more Windows XP systemfiles are either corrupted, or misconfigured. Only re-installing Windows XP will then fix the problem.

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